Austin, Texas Commercial Real Estate Private Equity Fund Management

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InvestCap Partners is a private equity fund manager specializing in commercial real estate assets in sectors such as multi-family, anchored retail, bulk industrial, single tenant net leased assets, and urban land holdings. InvestCap strives to provide consistent, reasonably leveraged, stabilized returns through the highest integrity of cash flows while reducing and managing risk through its servicing and asset management platform.

Real Estate vs. The Broad Equity Market

While not immune to market fluctuations, real estate is far better positioned to weather either an economic slowdown or recession.

The benchmark for measuring private real estate equity returns is an index compiled by the National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries (NCREIF). The NCREIF index measures the total, unleveraged return for institutional grade real estate contained in the portfolios of contributing members, and it effectively reflects the universe of institutional grade private real estate.

Real estate's low volatility is no surprise. The contractual nature of the underlying income stream contributes to the stable earnings. This cash flow, in turn produces more stable valuations as compared to equities. Income streams over the last 10 years (2000- 2011) showed that income producing real estate has produced returns of 43.9% whereas the NASDQ -30% the S&P 500 -6.5% and the DOW 10.1% for the same period.

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