Austin, Texas Commercial Real Estate Private Equity Fund Management


The Mechanics

InvestCap Partners benefit from an expert in-house team of Asset Managers who are also providing their services to third party clients outside of the Fund. InvestCap Asset Management Services understands the complexity of the changing marketplace and the uniqueness of each asset. The team provides property and sponsor focused accounting and tax services, investment performance reporting and analysis, and overall asset strategy consulting. In many cases, the Fund would benefit by investing in certain real estate investment; however, the sponsor might not have the operational staff to provide needed accounting and reporting.

Accounting Services Include:

  • Partnership Formation & Compliance Management
  • Property Accounting & Fund Accounting
  • Sponsor/Developer Payroll Management
  • Accounting Compliance Advisory
  • Trust Management
  • Cost Segregation Services

The Fund manages the assets and the portfolio with integrity of return as first priority. This is characterized as a "hands on approach" carried out by the same personalities that structured the original investment. Operating Partners report monthly to the Fund. Fund Investors receive quarterly performance reports. Monthly reporting as well as detailed property specific business plans allow the Sponsor to respond to market conditions on a real time basis. Each property has a specific budget and business plan. Tenant issues, capital expenditures, property management and asset management issues are detailed in the plan.